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The SAMARTH Udyog Bharat 4.0 projects initiated by DHI have the following common features

  • Awareness campaigns
  • Master Trainers to be trained
  • Start-up/ incubators to be provided
  • Hand-holding of SMEs to plan and implement relevant Industry 4.0 projects to be done through consultancy services on chargeable basis
  • Collaborating with neighbourhood Universities for student training/internship programmes
  • Involving industry in SPV membership model for sustainability
  • Participating in a Government formed platform for Industry 4.0 on common agenda
  • To make adequate provisions for e-waste management
  • Involving as many clusters of Capital Good as possible

The proposed CEFC is envisaged as a multi-utility center. It will comprise a set of smart machinery that will be interconnected to represent a miniature, but feature-rich production system. The National CEFC will act as a primary body to support Demonstration, Skilling, Prototyping and Integrated Solutions Facility for Smart Technology Enabled Manufacturing.

As a part of CEFC, it is proposed to set up a Cyber Physical Lab for Smart Manufacturing Research at IIT Delhi, Hauz Khas campus (proposed floor area 1,500 sq. ft.) and a full-fledged Cyber-Physical Factory at IIT Delhi Sonepat campus (proposed floor area 30,000 sq. ft.).

The Cyber-Physical Factory will house the Discrete Manufacturing Cell. A Cyber-Physical Smart Factory for Hybrid Manufacturing will also be setup for Food & Beverages and Bottling plants. All modules required for manufacturing a customized batch of food/beverage items are included in the facility.

The following technologies are being included at the CEFC – Cyber-Physical Systems, Collaborative Robots, Industry 4.0 Compliant Sensors, Actuators & Controllers, Rapid Prototyping & Tooling, Augmented Reality, Advance Simulation and Digital Twin, Analytics, Remote Maintenance, Wireless Instrumentation, Industrial Safety and Cyber Security. Many AIA members have come together to contribute new generation technologies and support services. We welcome more companies to contribute

Companies that are interested in showcasing their equipment and contributing to the concept of Smart Manufacturing may contact IAFSM

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