Are You Ready for adopting Industry 4.0??

Is your technical workforce ready for Industry 4.0?

CHANGE is the universal constant. However, given the speed of change, most individuals and industries aren’t ready for emerging technologies adoption/ adaptation and its effective utilization for Industry 4.0 implementation.

The rise of emerging technologies is redefining how industries operate. On one side, Artificial intelligence enables computers and system to learn from experience and accomplish human-like tasks more efficiently by processing large amounts of data and recognizing patterns. On the other side, the skill gaps and related stress levels are rising and creating an illusionary fear and uncertainty in middle level supervisory / technical management cadre.

On one side the Govt. initiatives and schemes are pumping funds for spreading awareness and early stage adaption at grass-root levels. On the other side the fixed mind-set of top layer is not inching out to gear-up for the much needed transformation i.e. the radical change, either because of limited knowledge or the fear of losing their positions in fast changing techno-economic knowledge driven world.

Re-Defining Learning & Development in 2020

With quick and frequent technology disruption, industries and institutions will need to respond in a transformational way. It coax us for rethinking how the industry captains and institutional think-tanks approach workforce skills and talent management.

Industry 4.0 influenced Technical and Engineering Learning Trends highlights the emerging skills every organization needs in 2020 and beyond. How we can re-align the digital learning & development framework to prepare future workforce decides the level of our achievement and acceleration of success in the fourth industrial revolution.

Time is now to Decide & Design, Plan & Implement a dynamic open-source DIGITAL LEARNING PLATFORM completely focusing on EMERGING TECHNOLOGIES required for easy and effective adaptation of Industry 4.0 Standards for Indian Industries. Time is now to take a leap to leadthe industrialtraining eco-system by connecting, collaborating & collectively co-creating the authentic blended I4.0 LMS incorporating modern tools and techniques, incremental levels (progressive layers) of learning material, emerging technology specific content with clear objectives and its applications for present and future industrial driven (need – based) utilization.